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iota by ikarusmedia iota by ikarusmedia
The agency commissioned me to create two paper-craft templates to give away of the game's characters, on the night of the presentation of the game.

This is the template of iota. Click the download button to make yours, which is a. zip file containing two files one. pdf or. jpg. If you want to know more about this game you can take a tour on the following pages:

you can see more about this project in my behance page:…

you can download the other character atoi:…

Tearaway is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

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Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Once again your Papercraft skills are downright impressive ikarus and cheers again to the marvelous work you've managed on both these models for the recent Tearaway title on the PSP Vita!

Anycase superb job with making such stride to get so many details spot on to that of the original and now more then ever since already you got a paper character to start with lol.  But that's excellent work on getting so many parts to work out for the design from the backpack looking very sizable to the character itself, the bandanna withe iconic feather sticking out of it and even more the simple bend in the face to show the definition of the nose, good show.

Along with the many parts of the body you got right like the long look of the arms and legs, I like it best where you nailed the perfection on the size of Iota's head.  It again shows you were paying good close attention to the original character and from that your work on various parts of the papercraft itself look truly professional, hats off to that.

Should also compliment you now as I didn't do before with how nicely laid out you make your instructions on setting up the papercraft on where to bend and cut your paper.  Something like that often some papercraft artists don't do very well is explaining to their fans how to put it together yourself so thank you for making it so easy that anybody can do it.  

Can't wait to try printing this out and giving another one of your brilliant work on papercrafting this little guy a go, hats off and much more to all your lovely work here Ikarumedia!

ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
thank you very much! sometimes must people do not seem to care about the details, but thanks for noticing, please tell me how it goes with this little guy when you print it.
ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
muchas gracias!
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November 20, 2013
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