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picarina paper-craft template by ikarusmedia picarina paper-craft template by ikarusmedia
On the occasion of the presentation in Mexico of the puppeteer playstation video game, the client commissioned me to create paper-craft templates to give away two of the game's characters, on the night of the event.

This is the template of picarina. To make a paper toy of this character only locate the download button, which is a. zip file containing two files one. pdf or. jpg. If you want to know more about this game you can take a tour on the following pages:…… 28video_game% 29%

you can see more about this project in my behance page:…

You can also download the other character template i made here:…

Puppeteer is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

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Love-Kay Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
Oh, that's so sweet! Nice!
ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Wow thank you so much for this lovely papercact of Pikarina there ikarusmedia and double wow from the fact you got commissioned to make this for the special presentation night in Mexico, bravo!

They certainly hired quite a talent to do such wonderful work on just re-imaging this character into such a clever little papercraft model!  Quite amazing that you made sure to include all her many flame related designs that are in her dress and pigtails too, you definitely did your research.  Even the fact that she's kept in the tiny size that you always see her in the game, another wonderful job done there keeping her so compact. ^-^

As you already noticed I know a fair bit about the game and yes I'm a huge fan of it thus far.  It stunning and just plain fun to pay and its even cooler hearing about how other places out there got to celebrate its release in such a unique and creative way.  Do hope you pat yourself on the back for the marvelous job you've done here and that does include your additional Papercraft of Kutaro. 

Have alot of questions to ask regarding how you actually do this kind of work on planning out a model and such but I'll try best to waste too much of your time.  One thing I will ask is what paper would you recommend Papercraft be printed on given normal flat paper can tear and crumble so easily?

Whether not you get back to this crab on this question a noble tip of the hat to you ikarusmedia, your a true artist. *applauses and whistles*

ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
thanks for your words! the agency did not have pictures of the various poses of the characters. they did just have the front view, so yes i did the research on the internet to fulfill the textures correctly.
About the size of the paper toy, the original goal was to fit the whole pattern into just one piece of paper so they did not have to much waste of paper. About the size, at first i did not take care of the proper size, i only scaled it down at the end, when i make the prototypes.
Well, i am not that kind of skillful in paper-crafting, i know that are programs to make this kind of work, like papekura or blender, where you have to make a model in 3d then it gets unfolded. To be truthful i do not know 3d, what i do is when i see the character is to think of the shapes it is made of, like cubes, triangles, trapezoids, etc. Then with the basic shape i start extruding the faces or side of the principal shape and so on. Then made a prototype, make adjustments, make another proof with texture, make adjustments, and make a final version. It is kind of a large process. I know that with the 3d tools you can avoid steps.
I recommend heavy weight paper for your crafts, I use epson heavy weight paper, it is extra white and color look great. Also not that heavy paper like cardboard, because it may get stuck in the printer, more or less 125 gm.

Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
Sorry to hear that the company didn't give you all the info for the work but luckily you seem to have been the smart deviant to look elsewhere for your reference material, well done!

That makes more sense about how you'd scale it down later and heck its nothing easy to have to start with making everything fit onto the basic 9 x 11 paper, lol.  

Well call it what you will but that still sounds like the definition of an artist to break it down in their head and re-make it into something they find suitable.  That's pretty neat too how you break down it all into easy shapes and somewhere in the middle of it all you get your prototype.  But with or without 3D you pulled through here and a tip of the hat to you again for your brilliant work ikarusmedia. ^-^

Goodness never thought about the width of the paper being too much for the printer to handle, that wouldn't end well! ^o^

But thanks extra for the info on the recommended paper size, and makes sense too that it shouldn't be so thick that you can't even bend it either.  For sure I'll have to try it out though, I do love everything do with Papercrafting!  

And by any chance would I be allowed to upload the finished papercraft on my page?  For sure I would give you ALL the credit for your work and just as well share the link to your page where the Papercraft design originated from.  But that's entirely up to you, reason why I"m asking instead of insisting. *nods*

ikarusmedia Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
well, thanks, and of course there is no problem at all you can upload the finished model, i sure would love to see it.
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
Awesome!  Should have it ready once I finished up on this Halloween piece been working on!  Don't know when it will be finished but I"m make absolutely sure to contact you Ikaru and let you know, thank you! ^-^

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